Responsive RGB LED

Carefully dust with a soft dry brush.

The next generation technology that is revolutionising the lighting world and tapping into the Internet of things.

IOT (internet of things)

The term ‘Responsive RGB LED technology’ might not roll off the tongue, but it is shaking up the world of lighting design. Aqua Creations has adopted this new technology to develop our next generation of immersive lighting designs, which connect to the Internet of things.


The latest research into the field of Light Therapy identified the correlation between wavelength of light – light color temperature (kelvin) – to health, tiredness and productivity. These factors vary from one person to the next. Aqua Creations’ Responsive RGB LED Lighting Family is designed to be ultra-personal. With its emphasis on wellness, it can be programmed to provide individuals with the correct amount of light and the optimal light color temperature.

How we do it

A small computer is installed inside each lamp with a wifi module. This technology allows the user to dim the light’s brightness from 0.1-100% as well as control the color spectrum (in white light and color mode). Users can load images and motions directly to the lamp’s memory. This highly customisable lighting technology can be integrated with third party control systems in the home, office or shared workspace using a desktop web application or by mobile app.

Care Instructions

Carefully dust with a soft, dry brush

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