Origami Paper

Regularly dry dust with a feather duster or a very soft brush.

Our origami lamp shades are made by hand and feature intricate, tessellated molecules designed by Ilan Garibi


Origami – from the Japanese words oru, meaning fold, and kami, meaning paper – is the ancient art of folding paper. Origami paper must be as thin as possible, but tough enough to hold its shape, and it must always be cut in exact squares.

How we do it

We collaborated with origami artist Ilan Garibi to design a unique origami paper lampshade for our Molecules Family collection. To make the origami shade, we begin with a blank sheet of paper that is folded by hand into tessellated molecules, with no cuts. Origami paper perfectly diffuses soft light and is strong enough to hold its intricate shape.

Care Instructions

The origami lampshades in this collection are made of the best quality origami paper which easily resists environmental influences and changes. We recommend regular dry dusting with a feather duster or a very soft (paint) brush in order to maintain the appearance and quality.

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