Digital Silk Printing

For optimal maintenance gently vacuum the silk frequently and avoid direct sunlight or smoke.

We can digitally print onto Aqua Creations’ signature handmade silk with any color or design to create a unique lighting fixture

Live and Let Dye

Live and Let Dye – or “L&LD” for short – is the name we’ve given to the digital printing technology we’ve developed here at Aqua Creations for our handmade signature silk. Before pleating or any other processes occur, we take the raw silk rolls and print onto them using a huge printer which uses ten, non-fading dye colors.


Printing onto such delicate silk is a challenge we’ve mastered: we can create special colors beyond our regular palette, as well as produce graduated printing, from the deepest shade of black to natural white silk. We can also print any pattern, in any color, as part of our bespoke design service. After printing, we pleat our digitally printed silk and apply it to our lamps. Printed silk adds a fresh dimension to our most iconic table lamps, hanging pendants and floor lamps, elevating their design to create a unique glow.

Care Instructions

For optimal maintenance vacuum the silk frequently (make sure the vacuum cleaner is at low suction and use a clean applicator) and avoid direct sunlight or smoke. To remove stains use upholstery foam cleaner (as these vary from country to country, testing the product on a hidden spot first is recommended). In case of heavier dirt use a moist sponge and make sure to move it along the crushed line of the silk. Please do not clean coated lamps with water. Note that any good quality silk fibers weaken when exposed to sun and natural dies may fade. Hence, avoid direct sunlight on the silk lights.

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