Shipping & Returns

Where can Aqua Creations lamps be delivered to?

Our products are delivered worldwide. For questions about orders, payment and shipping, see our Shipping & Returns policies.

Product care

For questions about our materials and how to take care of your lamp, see our Materials Care blog.

Light Quality

How much light do your silk lights create?

Our silk lighting fixtures create a warm, soft light. They are powerful enough to be used as the main light source in a space when using a lighter colored silk shade, such as Cream, Gold, and Silver. However, we do recommend talking to one of our consultants to discuss the best color silk to use in your intended space.

How much light does the ToTeM collection produce?

The ToTeM Family uses white polymer shades which create a soft, warm glow. The ToTeM Natural White (3200K) AC LED boards power rate from 32W (4,400lm) to 54W (7,500lm), depending on their size. This means it produces enough light to function as the main light source. However, we recommend you talk to an Aqua Sales representative to determine whether ToTeM is suitable for your space, and how it should be configured.


What bulbs do you use?

Our new designs use LED light sources wherever possible. Some of our older designs – created in the early days of Aqua Creations – use compact fluorescent bulbs, which have 15,000 hours lifetime, and are efficiently energy saving.

Which kind of bulbs do you recommend using with your silk lighting fixtures?

In order to create a contemporary atmosphere, we use warm white, 2700-3000 Kelvin bulbs (equivalent to OSRAM 830) for our Cream, Red, Flame, Rust, Orange and Curry shades. Neutral white 4000 Kelvin bulbs (equivalent to OSRAM 840), are recommended for the following colored shades: Redwood, Sand, Shell, Gold, Coal, Dark, Stone, Silver, Smoke, Turquoise and Grass.

Is it possible to get a version of your lamps that uses LED bulbs?

Aqua Creations’ catalog contains over 100 products, and while each lamp is engineered individually, with a unique lighting method, most of our lamps do come with LED and CFL options. Please contact one of our sales representatives to find out whether the lamp you wish to buy can be produced with LED bulbs.

How do I change the bulb?

Each of our lamps is engineered with a different mechanism for switching bulbs, but all of them are simple. All you need to do is follow the installation instructions available on the product page.

Are your products CE and UL certified?

Yes. All of Aqua Creations’ products and custom projects are CE and UL certified. Our products are also certified flame-resistant, in accordance with Fire Code 806 and NFPA regulations.


Are your lights dimmable?

Yes, most of our lights are dimmable. Dimming methods vary from a simple outlet to total integration with smart home digital systems. Aqua Creations offers four types of dimming methods which customers can choose from, based on their choice of lamp and the level of sophistication they require.

Dim Type A

Dim Type A (also known as Architectural Dimming) is a phase dimming system that uses two wires and is compatible with dimmable bulbs and dimmable ballasts. This kind of dimming method is very precise and helps to create a specific mood. The Dim Type A method can be installed in many of Aqua Creations’ lighting fixture – check the product info to see if it can be installed in your lamp.

Dim Type C

Dim Type C or DALI Dimming allows dim control from a computer or push button. It’s compatible with smart home control systems and uses five wires (line, neutral, ground and two unipolar control wires.) Dim Type C is sometimes called Architectural Dimming.


Do I need to apply a protective coating to my lamp?

We recommend applying a protective coating to pieces intended for public spaces, contract projects, or areas of high humidity or smoke. The protective coating helps protect the silk against dust, abrasion, touch, wear, and fire. It does not affect the appearance of the silk but rather strengthens its texture. In a domestic environment, where exposure to the above is limited, the feature is optional. (B1 Standard)

What is commercial protective coating?

Our Silk Lighting Collection fixtures are all made using hand-dyed, treated crushed silk that is resistant to mold and heat. To keep your lamp looking its best, Aqua Creations offers a special commercial-grade resin coating which is available upon request, and at an additional cost. This protective coating is recommended for lighting fixtures intended for contract projects, public spaces, or areas of high humidity or smoke. The protective coating reinforces the silk against fire, dust, abrasion, touch, and wear. The protective coating does not affect the appearance of the silk but rather strengthens its texture. In a domestic environment, where exposure is limited, the feature is optional but not required. (B1 Standard)

Catalogue vs. Bespoke products

Does Aqua Creations produce custom made products?

We specialize in creating custom lighting designs. We can do just about anything if you give us the right resources and enough time. Please contact our specialists to discuss your bespoke project: info@aquagallery.com Installation How do I hang my lamp? Each of Aqua Creations’ pendant lamps, ceiling and wall lighting fixtures are engineered with a different hanging mechanism. You can download instructions on how to hang them from the product pages on this website.