Know your Simons: A Beginners' Guide

Everything your need to know about Aqua Creations' most versatile, modern and modular lights.

New forms for new spaces

Here at Aqua Creations, we are ever-evolving, just like your home or business. Simon Says showcases a minimal design and modern production techniques while retaining Aqua’s heritage values of high-end quality and diverse materials.

Wall & Ceiling Simons

The Simon Says series includes Simon Says Yes (small), Simon Says Maybe (medium), and Simon Says No (large). Click below to create your own wall or ceiling compositions, or get in touch and we will customise one just for you.
Simon Paint

Pendant Simon Says Yes, Maybe and No Light

Horizontal & Vertical Suspended Simons

You could hang one Simon as a suspended light, or combine suspended Simons together to create playful light compositions which can take either horizontal or vertical forms. Simon Says Yes, Maybe and No Wall and Ceiling Light in custom silk colour

Customised Colors

In addition to our classic silk colors range, Simon Says is available in customised colors of your choosing. Use a Pantone code to match your space exactly or print an image to create creative, bespoke patterns.

Bespoke steel Simon Says light frames

Bespoke Frames

Mahogany or oak framing isn’t working for you? No problem! We offer alternative metal frames for both wall & ceiling and suspended Simons, and we can tailor a frame just for you, too.


Learn more

Albi speaks about the inspiration, making and vision behind Simon Says.

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