Partner Feature: Elemento Designhouse

Aqua Creations is proud to celebrate and support our partners around the world with over 150 independent, locally owned stores and showrooms

Aqua Creations is proud to celebrate and support our partners around the world with over 150 independent, locally owned stores and showrooms

Dippa, Suuria and Suuria Son Pendant Lights in Dark, Rust and San silks

A global family

As Covid-19 leaves the world grounded, we shift our focus to supporting family, friends, community and local businesses. This month we begin a series of celebratory features, each focusing on a different partner from across the globe, so you can experience our Aqua Creations lights wherever you are while supporting your local community.


Mino 18 Floor Lamp in Sand silk

It all starts at home

Our representative in Israel is Elemento Designhouse, run by leading Tel-Aviv based design curator Yossy Goldberg, and founded in 1998. Elemento holds a collection of distinctive one-of-a-kind furniture and lighting pieces which blend modern, high-quality materials and cutting-edge craftsmanship. Elemento’s goal is to use luxury materials to create relaxed and comfortable settings. Much like Aqua, the beauty of Elemento is that it seamlessly blends into all environments, whether retro or contemporary, large or small, private or public. 


Click Light Wall Light

Playful materiality, smart interaction

We started working with Elemento recently, our lights being a unique, handmade addition to the rich, vibrant store. Adding a playful materiality and smart interaction to bedrooms and living spaces, Goldberg chose our newly launched Click Light Wall Lamp and placed it by a daybed of his own design. The sheen of velvet and beehive pattern of the sofa beautifully correspond to Click Light’s textural, illuminated ropes and brushed copper shelf.

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Stand By Wall and Ceiling Light in Silver silkMorning Glory Floor Lamp

Aqua Creations’ A-Team

Also in Elemento are our team of popular classics: Morning Glory Floor Lamp, this time in custom printed silk slowly transforming from Stone, to Gold, then Cream; Dippa, Suuria and Suuria Son pendant lights in a smart mix of Dark, Rust and Sand silks; and Stand By Wall & Ceiling Light in Silver silk above a cozy bedroom setting with a touch of retro wallpaper.

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96 Molecules Tall Table Lamp

A snug little bug

In a machine-made, mass-manufactured industry prevalent in today’s world, Aqua Creations and Elemento Designhouse bring the focus back to the individual, human touch. Also featured is a collection of handmade, comfortably petit table, wall & ceiling lights by Aqua, such as the origami 96 Molecules Tall Table Lamp, silk Viola Table Lamp and Baby Coral Wall & Ceiling Light.

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Visit Elemento Designhouse

30 Habarzel St.
Ramat Hahayal Tel-Aviv
Tel/Fax +972 3620 9848

Showroom opening hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 10:00-18:00
Friday: 09:00-14:00

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