Light is born; meet the home-ready ToTeM lighting family

We’re proud to announce we’ve added a new, lovingly made family member to our range of adaptable LED lights – the ToTeM floor lamp, wall light & pendant lights.

Versatile lighting

Made with the home in mind, each member of the ToTeM Family is available as a hanging pendant, wall light or floor lamp version, both with a powerful, energy-efficient LED base.

From ceiling to floor

Like its ceiling-mounted siblings, the ToTeM floor lamp comes with a lightweight steel frame, and fits our lyrically named To, Te and M white polymer shades. It can also be cleverly used as a plant pedestal or side table for books, magazines and other loved items.

A lamp with function and form

Short, tall, thin and squat, the ToTeM Family are also available as wall-mounted lights, which are extremely easily adjustable to fit any angle and height. The ToTeM Arm Wall Light achieves a delicate balance between engineering and design. Like a bird lowering its head for a drink of water, the ToTeM Arm's weight balances the lampshade perfectly.

Our vision

‘What makes ToTeM unique is its versatility and playfulness. Each shade has its own shape and personality – in that sense they’re like people. They work as individuals, but when you connect them to each other, you can achieve a large chandelier on a very small budget.’

— Albi Serfaty, founder Aqua Creations

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