Product Care

Care and cleaning instructions for optimal maintenance of our products.

Aqua Creations lamps are made with organic and sustainable materials. Protect your product best by regularly and carefully cleaning. As each material requires different care, please follow the instructions below.

Pleated Silk


Avoid direct sunlight or smoke and vacuum the silk frequently. Make sure the vacuum cleaner is set at low suction and use a clean applicator.

To remove stains, use upholstery foam cleaner. Testing on a hidden spot first is recommended. In case of heavier dirt use a moist sponge and move it along the crushed line of the silk.

Do not clean coated lamps with water. Note that any good quality silk fibers weaken when exposed to sun and that natural dies may fade. Our silk is treated against mold and fire. 

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Special commercial grade resin coating is available upon request. It is highly recommended for pieces intended for public installations or areas of humidity or smoke. This coating does not change the appearance of the silk, but strengthens its texture. 

CNC Wood Milling

Use any wood cleaning material on a soft cloth and gently apply to the wood. Avoid contacting silk or origami paper parts of the lamp with the cloth while cleaning.

CNC Milled Lamps

Origami Paper

Our origami lampshades are made of the best quality origami paper which easily resists environmental influences and changes. We recommend regular dry dusting with a feather duster or a very soft (paint) brush in order to maintain the appearance and quality.

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Our brass products are left "raw" without coating, which may result in natural stains known as brass patina. These stains can be easily cleaned with polishing materials designed for copper, silver, and brass. Keep your brass items looking their best with regular maintenance.

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Webbed Polymer

To protect your lamp, regularly and carefully dust with a soft, dry brush.

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Handmade Felt

Carefully remove the felted sleeve by pulling it upwards and send for dry cleaning. Keep away from direct sunlight and keep strictly to cleaning materials designated for organic textile.

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Shipping info

We ship worldwide. The shipping charge depends on your delivery country and the weight of your order.

Please note that the customer is responsible for any additional local customs and clearance fees and VAT that will be charged basedon your delivery country.

For most orders shipping costs are indicative only. We will calculate the final shipping price after the order is placed and contact you prior to production process, if additional shipping costs will be applied to your order or if you have overpaid. You will have the opportunity to cancel the order at this stage of the order process.

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Delivery times

Depending on the size and complexity of your order production times can range from 2-4 weeks. Overseas delivery or delivery of heavy or large items can take up to 8 weeks, so you should expect a 6-12 weeks of production & delivery time. It is possible to place a rush order, please contact us via for more details.

Please note that the listed duration is an estimation of delivery times. We will contact you with exact timings and a tracking number once your order has been completed.

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Returns & exchanges


You can cancel your order and receive a full refund if you get in touch with us shortly after placing the order. Since most of our products are made to order and by hand, once production is underway we will not be able to refund you. 

To request a cancellation please contact Customer Service via email,, or by phone, at +1 212- 219-9922, and we will do our best to cancel or modify your order. Cancellation requests may take several days to process, and you will be sent an email upon confirmation. A refund will be issued following the standard return process.


While we hope you love your purchase, we understand that you may need to return it. Aqua Creations accepts returns on a vast majority of our lamps, in a new, uninstalled condition and in sealed original packaging, within 30 days of receipt, unless otherwise stated on the item’s product page.

To begin a return request please contact Customer Service via email,, or by phone, at +1 212- 219-9922. Please note that upon returning one of our products you will not be refunded for any shipping charges from your original order or for shipping your product back to us.

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