Partner Spotlight: Latitude Nord

Latitude Nord's new showroom features Aqua Creations and Paola Lenti. A new space with unique, custom printed designs that Aqua Creations made especially for this installation.

Aqua Creations is proud to celebrate and support our partners around the world with over 150 independent, locally owned stores and showrooms.

Partner Spotlight Latitude Nord Aqua Creations designs in custom printed color for Latitude Nord at our studio  

In Montreal (Canada) Aqua is represented by Latitude Nord. The showroom exhibits a carefully curated selection of original, contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories that exhibit timeless design, form and function, imported from all over the world. Much like Aqua, Latitude Nord maintains the highest standard for quality, craftsmanship and design to perfectly fit the customers' wishes. 

The Inner Light Of Montreal

For this edition of Partner Spotlight, we spoke with Sylvain Faucher, President Director General of Latitude Nord about the new installation and the pivotal presence of Aqua Creations custom printed designs. 

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Aqua Creations | Partner Spotlight: Latitude NordHorn Floor Lamp and Morning Glory Floor Lamp in custom printed color


Tell us about your vision for the new display installation at Latitude Nord.

Once our Paola Lenti space has been done, our vision was to have accessories and lighting in perfect adequation with the poetical and vibrant universe of Paola Lenti. 

What inspired you for this specific collection?

The Morning Glory Family came to us naturally thanks to its organic and sculptural shapes. The idea was, again, to have creatives objects that were mixing up perfectly in our showroom.

Browse Morning Glory Family

What is the key element you are looking for when selecting pieces for the showroom?

Our main mission for the past 26 years has been to educate our market and clientele European design. When we decide to collaborate with the best manufacturers and represent them in our showroom, we always try to make the most unique space in town for our clients to discover these incredible collections in the best possible context.

Which pieces of Aqua are featured, and why did you select these ones?

We picked with three designs from Aqua Creations. The Horn Floor Lamp and Morning Glory Floor Lamp for the originality and the sculpture effect. Then we chose the Simons Wall Lights in order to create a luminous piece above our Sciara consoles made of molten glass, some blue, green and grey nuances are mixing up to the existing coloration.

Browse Horn Floor Lamp
Aqua Creations | Partner Spotlight: Latitude Nord
Simon Says Yes, Maybe, No Wall & Ceiling Lights and Horn and Morning Glory Floor Lamps at Latitude Nord

Can you tell us more about your choice of pairing Aqua with Paola Lenti?

Our outdoor set up of Paola Lenti was the colorful and poetic touch in the showroom that has its raw and industrial look. We kept the original concrete columns to emphasize the contrast between the world of Paola Lenti and the showroom itself. We also added some plants and flowers so when it came to lighting, Aqua creation came to us naturally. It was the perfect match for this space, to give it this poetic garden ambiance.

"The lamps of Aqua Creations are a statement. They bring something new that we cannot find anywhere, the originality and the use of the silk always amaze our clientele. It’s a beautiful, different and artistic creation that make a space unique." 

- Sylvain Faucher, President Director General of Latitude Nord 

How do Latitude Nord and Aqua complement each other?

Complement might not be the right word. We rather work to fit some of the products where we think they produce the strongest impression. We could not just place them anywhere. We need to sow them where they get their best chance to stand-out and shine.

Aqua Creations | Partner Spotlight: Latitude NordSimon Says Yes, Maybe & No Wall & Ceiling Lights in custom color at Latitude Nord

What are you looking for in terms of light for Latitude Nord?

We represent different companies in order to propose the best range of choices to our clients. The lights and accessories are the final additions to a space, it’s what will make it feel like home and create the proper ambiance to each room. Our objective is to make every project special for our clients by selecting the right piece for the right space thanks to our various manufacturers.

Could you elaborate on the story between Quebec, one of the coldest areas in North America, and the colorful lights of Aqua?

The beauty of Quebec is that we really can find the four seasons, from summer to winter the landscape completely change and you can feel this new atmosphere every time.
Yes, Quebec is cold during winter and the nature is asleep but fall season is the most colorful with it’s orange, red, yellow and green tones it’s spectacular for the eyes. The colorful lights of Aqua can bring what we miss the most during this difficult period which is warm of course and colors to ease the mind.

Aqua Creations | Partner Spotlight: Latitude NordHorn Floor Lamp and Morning Glory Floor Lamp at Latitude Nord Showroom

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