Partner Spotlight: Anthony inc. Design Solutions

Anthony Inc. has been working together with Aqua Creations since 2008, and brings a new paradigm to the interior design community.

Aqua Creations is proud to celebrate and support our partners around the world with over 150 independent, locally owned stores and showrooms.

Morning Glory silk floor lamp in Cream color, against a colorful jungle pattern wallpaper backdrop and behind a dark teal sofa

A global family

As Covid-19 leaves the world grounded, we shift our focus to supporting family, friends, community and local businesses. This October we continue our series of celebratory features, each focusing on a different partner from across the globe, so you can experience our Aqua Creations lights wherever you are while supporting your local community. After Elemento Design house from Israel in our first edition, in this month’s letter we feature Anthony Inc. Design Solutions from Chicago, Illinois, who’s been an avid Aqua supporter since 2008.


Doe Table Lamp in Cream silk on a dark wooden table against a dark blue wallpaper decorated with golden flower motifs

Shining a Chicago light

Shining through the USA, Aqua lights can be seen in the high-end establishment of Anthony Inc. amongst other speciality, luxury brands such as Julian Chichester, MJ Atelier, Opuzen Fabrics and Arte. Anthony Inc. has been working with Aqua since 2008, and brings a new paradigm to the interior design community by offering personalized, tailored solutions for your design needs. Much like Aqua Creations, Anthony Inc. brings your vision to reality through unique offerings and custom capabilities.


Simon Says Maybe wall & ceiling light in Stone silk color on an Art Nouveau gold and blue wallpaper

Your team of specialists

Anthony Inc. specializes in hand-picking leading design houses, manufacturers and artisans who each culminate the essence of their field, and represents a level of quality, variety, customization and service that exceeds the industry standard. Together with rug makers, leather specialists, and high-end wall coverings, Aqua Creations’ hand-made lights join a collection of makers who is greater than the sum of its parts.


To, Te and M Pendant Lights in front of fabric samples

The story

After working for several of the high end leading showrooms in the Mart as an outside representative, Anthony Bellon made the decision to step out and reinvent the industry for himself. Aligned with a small group of highly respected brands, each a leader in what they are designing / fabricating, Anthony Inc. represent lines in each category of the design business.


Portrait of Anthony Bellon

Anthony Bellon, founder of Anthony inc.:

I was familiar with Aqua lighting from design centers and always loved the organic flow and artistic eye each item of the collection offers. My focus early on was to collaborate with a select few list of vendor collections; each focusing on their own design strength and style. I also continuously work to have varying price points and customization aimed for high end clientele.



Dippa Pendant Light hanging above a dark, cushioned chair, next to a round wooden table and a circular mirror

What we have in store

In Anthony’s exquisite showroom you’ll be able to find our bestselling Dippa Pendant Light, chic To, Te and M pendant lights, petit Doe Table Lamp, all-time favorite Stand By Pendant Light, modular Simon Says Wall Light, and classic Morning Glory Floor Lamp. Anthony will, of course, be able to order in anything you like, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for please have browse our product catalog.

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