Custom designed LED lighting system for Stay Inn Hostel

We are proud to present our bespoke hospitality project for Jerusalem's Stay Inn Hostel. Utilizing our 'Responsive RGB Technology,' a custom lighting scheme was created.

The bespoke lighting design outfits each guest room and illuminates its public spaces.

We are proud to present our latest bespoke hospitality project for Jerusalem's Stay Inn Hostel. Utilizing our 'Responsive RGB Technology,'custom lighting scheme was created to dazzle and color the hostel's public spaces, including its entrance, hallways, bar and elevator lobby. Inside each guest room, unique smart bed lamps designed by Aqua Creations, connect to the Internet of Things (IoT) and allow management to send custom greetings and alerts to guests. The studio's complete design fulfils the hostel's vision of becoming a modern, young and technology-first brand.

The lighting design of Stay Inn Hostel was a bespoke project handled by us in collaboration with the project's architect, Marco Sbarra. The hostel's guest and public spaces are powered by the our 'Responsive RGB LED Technology,' with colorful hallways leading to each room and experiential art design on the ground floor. A 35-meter custom Aqua Creations lighting fixture extends from the hostel's entrance hallway and into the lobby and bar.

The custom metal fixture features 13 triangular shapes that each contain more than 4000 RGB addressable LED lights. Each triangle projects various lighting scenes throughout the ground floor in an artistic light show that sets the hostel's mood and energy. The lighting scheme is operated via WiFi and a smart control system that is easily managed. Serving various functions from day to night, the lighting scheme is programmed for practical natural and reading light during the day and an experiential light show at night.

Each private and shared guest room within Stay Inn Hostel is outfitted with a smart bed lamp designed by Aqua Creations. 120 bed lamps are featured in total and connect to a smart control system via WiFi. Personal welcome messages greet each guest of the hotel on the bed lamp: "Welcome [Guest Name] to Stay Inn Hostel." The bed lamp functions as a normal lamp for guests, features a cell phone charger and gives the hostel the ability to share various messages with guests from custom messages, emergency alerts, automated color patterns and more.

The Stay Inn Hostel project is the latest showcase of our technological products that harness the power of 'Responsive RGB LED Technology.' The fixtures adorning its public spaces are able to project the full color spectrum, dim their lightness from 0.1-100 %, and project images and videos. The 21st century product produces a dynamic color spectrum that creates interior atmosphere and an energetic vibe, without the large investment of material design items. The programmable technology in each light adapts to the hostel's various needs throughout the day and night.


Albi Serfaty
Founder, Aqua Creations

"The Stay Inn Hostel project gave us the opportunity to prove that light can create and change the atmosphere of a space, with the same investment as material objects. Our metal sculptural lighting system creates a living art/design object that can multitask and provide many different lighting configurations. It is phenomenal how quickly the hostel's staff adopted to the lighting's various modes. This project proved to me that there is a real need for our 'Lighting Experience Design' collection in the hospitality world"


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